Energy Management

At the CFS we can provide tips for saving energy at work, school, and home, with a particular focus on our on campus activities. Students, faculty and support staff are encouraged to play a valuable role in saving energy in classrooms and offices, labs, residence halls, and other campus facilities.

The choices we make about how we consume energy on campus will not only save us money in the long term but also improve our environmental footprint through carefully managed reinvestment. Energy savings can be made in simple and high-tech ways and both are crucial to achieving a sustainable system that fosters education and inquiry. 

Core Energy Consumers

From data collected in 2019, pre-pandemic, the highest sources of carbon equivalent emissions across campus included, purchased electricity (818.19 tCO2e), Employee commuting (combined academic and non academic staff, 1,429.73  tCO2e). These represent  2 key areas where we can make changes through the increased use of solar energy and the implementation of new online resources and distance learning options for departments.