Solar Energy

Goal: Achieve 10% of total campus energy supply through roof top solar systems by 2025.

On Target. The new building established by the Faculty of Medical Sciences, has installed a solar panel system which generates 4500 KWh per month, which can be directly used by the faculty itself. 

The Faculty of Applied Sciences has also established solar panels and is currently generating 2057kwh per month. Approximately 2.5% of the monthly electricity consumption is being supported by the University solar panels. University management has also decided to establish solar panels in the Faculty of Technology and Faculty of Engineering. Making this solar expansion possible is a University agreement with a leading, Sri Lankan, government bank to promote solar panel establishment on campus by providing financial support and guidance. The continuing adoption of solar energy across campus moves further forward through a new MOU signed with Gesla Power Pvt. to provide 1 additional solar panel free with each purchased for the new CFS headquarters which is currently under construction. Their contribution to the USJ greening strategy is highly appreciated.